Back Pain

Back Pain

Back Pain

Fast natural effective acute and chronic back pain relief

Stop Suffering From Back Pain

Acupuncture to relieve acute and chronic back pain

Acupuncture to relieve acute and chronic back pain

Effective long lasting relief for back pain using stop suffering acupuncture massage

Beat Back Pain


You don't need to suffer with back pain any longer.

Acupuncture is brilliant for treating acute and chronic back pain.

Back pain is often a straight forward muscular problem, which can be resolved via specific acupuncture and trigger points.

Long term back pain may be related to a structural issue, most commonly disc and facet joint problems. It is best to treat the surrounding musculature rather than manipulate the joints themselves.

Hip flexor muscles, the ones that help us raise our knees up, can commonly cause back pain too.

Encouraging the body to release around these problem areas is the safest way to gain long term relief.  

Postural assessment and correction is provided, along with advice on seating and desk orientation.

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