Longterm relief natural drug free migraine

Are Migraines Wrecking Your Life?

  Soothing acupuncture to relieve migraine symptoms.

Soothing acupuncture to relieve migraine symptoms.

Natural effective acupuncture relief for Migraines

Get Help for your Migraines


It's time to get rid of your migraines and headaches.

Cramping, aching, nausea, lethargy and stabbing pain are just some of the symptoms that are caused by migraines

Acupuncture is very effective in treating and preventing the onset of painful debilitating migraines.

We will work together to defeat the root causes of your migraines.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) targets the cause and symptoms of migraines. This can range from a past viral infection, whiplash to chronic stress or anger.

Treating the root and branch is key to achieving lasting relief. This means reducing the pain and photophobia whilst fixing the underlying imbalances in energy and blood flow.

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