Menstrual Pain and PMS Relief

Menstrual Issues and PMS

Menstrual Pain and PMS Relief

Acupuncture to relieve menstrual pain and PMS

Pain, PMS and Menstrual Issues?

PMS can be managed using acupuncture.

PMS can be managed using acupuncture.

Menstrual pain and PMS issues resolved and managed

Leave Menstrual Pain and PMS Behind


Acupuncture can be very good at addressing menstrual pain and emotional disturbance.

Menstrual pain can have many causes. Chinese medicine looks at everyone as an individual, and assesses each person as such.

Your pain may be happening before during or after, or it may occur during any of these times.

You may have a heavy or a light flow, are there clots? And if so, how big are they? The size of a 5 cent piece or 20 cent piece?

Have you had children? Do you want children?

What is the pain like? Is it sharp or dull or dragging?

All of these signs and symptoms allow me to work out the underlying cause of your pain and PMS.

Then we can work out a treatment plan which works specifically for you. This usually includes dietary and lifestyle advice.

So not only do we address your pain and PMS, we will also improve your health outcomes generally.

Don't live with pain any longer. 

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