Neck pain relief using acupuncture

Neck Pain

Neck pain relief using acupuncture

Neck pain tight muscles, arthritis, relief

Stiff Painful Neck?

Acupuncture to relieve neck pain caused by whiplash

Acute and chronic neck pain and stiffness, muscle ache, whiplash, cervical disc pain relief using massage and acupuncture

Acupuncture for Your Neck


Neck pain is a common complaint. It can be caused by muscle strain, nerve problems or structural imbalances.

Tight muscles in the back  and shoulder can lead to tight neck muscles, which may cause pain.

Stress can also trigger these issues.

Whiplash is a common cause of chronic neck pain due to long term scar tissue.

Acupuncture and massage used together may reduce neck pain. 

Acupuncture frees up the blocked areas of the neck, allowing free movement and substantial relief.

Arthritic conditions of the neck can also be assessed. 

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